What is our style of photography?

We combine our vast photojournalism and cinematography experiences to create
an outstanding, elegant and fun narrative of your wedding day as the moments are
revealed. We anticipate the magic that happens when people are unaware of the
camera and our two visions are the perfect compliment to any event or occasion.

What is the difference between a second photographer and an assistant?
With a second photographer one gets two seasoned pros, both lending their vision
and talent as an artist to the imagery created. Two photographers allow different
points of view during the ceremony and during the individual bride and groom
prep times with their respective families. An assistant supports the photographer
with file management, camera equipment security and photographs during critical

Do we shoot with multiple cameras and do you have backup gear?
It is always important to make sure that your wedding day is flawless so we always
bring the latest camera and lighting equipment in addition to our years of technical experience.
Having backup equipment ensures that we are ready for all those unique andireplaceable
moments that arise.

How do you reserve Araxá Studios for your wedding day?
We book out up to 12-14 months in advance with high season weekends going
first followed by off season events where we often give a discount and offer
special services. A retainer, usually around 30%, saves your date. We love to
meet our clients in person and show off our gorgeous portfolios. If you are
having a destination wedding and cannot meet us in person, we can send you
some promotional information about our studio. In addition, we will give you
access to “real” weddings online thru a password protected website.

How can I contact Araxá Studios?
We are available by email through the contact page

How do we deliver the final images?
We take up to 6 weeks to deliver your high resolution, tiff files for printing and
low-resolution jpg files for viewing on DVD media. A color profile will be added
to your final images to allow you to properly view your images and for a
professional lab to print them to the specifics of our color correction.

What does image copyright mean?
All our images are owned by Araxá Studios meaning all reproduction of these
images outside of the clients personal use needs to be cleared by Araxá Studios
and photo credit is required. A meta data inscription located in the information
file of each image allows us to mark our work with accurate ownership information
for any future use.

Do we support green weddings?
Green weddings are becoming very popular and make a lot of sense for supporting
our environment and local vendors. We have been working with many “green”
wedding locations, coordinators, chefs and dress designers to lesson the impact on
our environment. Our talents have led us to be printed in a “Green Wedding Book”
to be on bookshelves for Fall of 2008.